The goal of microbots is to design cheap robots that are primarily composed of 3D printed parts. The robots will use similar electronics to Mary O Kart with the key differences being bluetooth control from any Android phone and a tank drive system utilizing one motor on each side rather than one drive motor and a steering servo.

The team will design and build multiple robots that will participate in a sumo-bot style event with the added challenge of obstacles. The main obstacle will be a bridge over a bowl shaped hole in the arena where robots will try to push each other off.

Eventually we would like to open up the challenge of designing microbots to all engineering students once we have some trial events with our own designs and develop a rule book.

Microbots may eventually morph into 3D printed battle bots that are essentially disposable.

Similar to Mary O Kart, microbots is designed to be a good first challenge for new team members that are not very familiar with robotics. They will learn about robot design, CAD design, 3D printing, and programming. This will give them a strong skill set to tackle larger projects such as ATMAE and MRDC robots.