1 Year Undefeated!

We are happy to announce that we have gone undefeated in three competitions in a row! Our team is excited to see what future competitions hold and look forward to learning from our competitors and our own mistakes.

Our website is currently undergoing a large update to reflect our exciting year. Please check the project pages soon for detailed reports on each robot.

Dusty 2.0 1st place in every category

Senior Team 1st place MRDC 2017

Budget Team 2nd place MRDC 2017

Winston 1st place ATMAE 2017

Other noteworthy performances include

Dusty 1.0 2nd place ATMAE 2016

Midwestern 2nd place MRDC 2016

Exciting News!

We were contacted by an online camera supplier about a sponsorship. We are very excited to announce that we have worked with them to write two articles. The first article is about different types of cameras and how they can benefit our team. The article can be found under the “Projects” tab or directly at the link below. The second article includes tips and advice for high school students interested in robotics. That article will be published on their website at a later date. We will be sure to update you with the link to that article as soon as we can!

Exciting Addition to Our Builds

ATMAE 2016

The 2nd prototype of our 2016 ATMAE robot is nearing completion and is looking very promising. Once we gain access to the shop we will be able to use industrial tools to build a professional looking robot. We would love to post pictures, but we don’t want to share any design secrets with our competitors until the competition begins in Florida. Following the competition there will be a full write up about the robot and event under the Projects tab in the upper left corner of our website.