Exciting Addition to Our Builds

The SIU Robotics Team is happy to announce that we will be adding several high resolution cameras for use on our robots and competitions. Often for any type of camera related project we use hobbyist level cameras. These generally have low quality as well as several mechanical problems. However thanks to some web searching,  we are able to have our hands on state of the art cameras.


One of the cameras we will be using is one of these security cameras used in surveillance for many companies. Its 1080P resolution will be very useful. Our current plan for this camera is to create a live streaming system to broadcast and record our competitions. Many friends and family are not able to come to our competitions each year as they are located around the country. This system will allow us to create a live stream of our team at the competition, which we could broadcast to our fans from back home. Additionally, this gives us a great way to record our competitions; as we currently rely on our members’ smartphones for all of our videos.

Another benefit of having this type of network security camera is we can use it during our team meetings. Often we have members that are busy with school, work, or other organizations; but they are still interested in staying involved with SIU Robotics. This camera gives us the flexibility of recording our team meetings so even our busier members can still participate.

Besides the security camera, we will be using a portable action camera. This camera has numerous uses for our robots. For many of the competitions we go to, placing a camera on our robot has numerous benefits. This GoPro type camera will record high quality video that we could use to have a live stream of our robot or record a first person view of our robot.



Many of our competitions take place in an arena, where we are not able to get a good look at our robot. This first person live view is critical to the success of our team. For example, last year’s competition at the Midwestern Robotics Design Competition required us to sort golf balls in an arena, we had to rely on our vision from the sidelines. We were able to see the golf balls, but having a much closer view could have prevented many of our sorting errors. This year’s competition rules have not been released yet, however we expect this camera to come in handy for our team.