Welcome BBQ


We welcomed new and returning members to the team at the start of the fall 2016 semester with a free BBQ. This provided a great opportunity for returning members to catch up and also mingle with new members and give them an idea of what we do and what we have planned. We had plenty of water and soda to beat the heat. When the sun started to go down we even set up a slackline and let people test their balance skills.


Touch of Nature Trail Building

As the spring 2016 semester came to an end many of our members had a desire to get outside and do something. We decided to volunteer building trails at Touch of Nature. The day started off early in the morning to avoid the heat. We met up with TON staff and went over safety information and began the hike to the trail building location. Over the course of the next several hours we all honed our skills with a variety of landscaping tools. At the end of the event we went to the lake for a group picture and then met up for a celebratory BBQ afterwards.


More information about Touch of Nature can be found here.

More pictures of the event can be found in our photo album here.


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