This is our lab. We lovingly call it the Dungeon. It is located at Engineering D002. Yep, it is one of the few rooms in the basement of engineering. Our lab may be small, but we have a wide variety of tools and supplies. The list is always expanding thanks to the funds and materials donated by our sponsors. Most of our projects can be completed with the tools available in the lab, but it is not our only work space. We also work in D30 (the computer lab above the lab) and the shop D14F.


Directions to the lab:
1.Find the G stairwell (located across from room D115 on the first floor or near the vending machines on the ground floor of D wing)

2.Go down the stairs until you reach this door

3.Open the door and go down the first set of stairs. Your view should be like the picture below. (Yes, it creeps us out too sometimes)

4. The door to the lab is on the left at the bottom of the stairs. DO NOT TRY TO OPEN ANY OTHER DOORS!